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Green Bean Roastery Toronto

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Private Label Coffee

We're a white-label coffee roaster based out of Markham, Ontario with clients spread across Canada. Wholesale coffee orders from independent coffee shops to hotels and national grocery stores use our roasting and private label service to re-inforce their brand.


We also work with charities and fundraisers to supply a branded product and help raise funds for their projects. With margins close to 50%, selling coffee is an effective way of raising funds.


Here we have attempted to convey in words each coffee as we think it should be described. We've avoided descriptions that confuse and have tried to describe it as honestly as possible. The ultimate goal being that you will taste the same flavors and attributes that we have.

The number results are provided so as to be able to compare each against the other. They are similar to the 100 point scale used professionally (8.4 would be the same as 84). The written results are my observations on body, flavours, aftertaste, roast parameters and how it performed as espresso.

Cupping is performed under normal cupping procedure. Two tablespoons freshly roasted, (city) freshly ground coffee in 5 oz. of 200 degree water. Espresso was made using freshly roasted, freshly ground coffee brewed in a commercial V-1 pub la Pavoni espresso machine, (double filter basket, 30 lb. tamp, 10 bar brew pressure and a 25-28 second pull time for a 2 oz. shot).

We hope these results help as you make your coffee buying decisions.

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